Benefits of Considering Psychotherapy at a Distance

Benefits of Considering Psychotherapy at a Distance

Psychotherapy is also referred to as talk therapy, which helped millions of people worldwide. Talk therapy help people overcome pain from their past and develop some coping strategies in the future. It may also help an individual define their goals, which clarify what they like out of life and who they are. 

This is the reason why psychotherapy at a distance is popular.

When compared to traditional therapy, distance therapy doesn’t have an in-person interaction during treatments. It evolved as a practice of therapy enters the digital age. The therapists can offer various forms of distance therapy to reach more individuals in a lot of locations. Often, psychotherapy at a distance is conducted on the phone or online. 

Reasons to Choose Psychotherapy at a Distance

Distance therapists may provide services via email, video, chat or phone. They can guide people through challenges with the use of the different kinds of communication technology. Mental health experts can also offer distance psychotherapy as the primary way to communicate with those who are searching therapy. Others prefer this kind of treatment since they can get the perks  of psychotherapy without the need to travel or leave their homes.

Distance psychotherapy can be offered as standalone treatment. It may also be used with the usual therapeutic relationship. Therapists can provide treatments from offices but switch to distance psychotherapy when an individual can’t commute to the office or out of town. 

Psychotherapy at a distance may be a good fit for those who have difficulty in accessing mental health services. It may also be useful in some situations. Others feel comfortable communicating openly through email instead of in person. Some may also feel that therapy is much accessible this way since they don’t know when they might require support.

Who Can Use Psychotherapy at a Distance?

Distance psychotherapy is a great option for individuals who can’t access care because of health, transportation, and location issues. It might also be appealing to those who don’t want to meet in a particular place. As numerous life aspects are made available online, psychotherapy at a distance can a way to keep with the digital world.

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According to studies, distance psychotherapy can be as effective as the face to face therapy for some reasons. Some known approaches including CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy are suited to therapy online. But, visual feedback might not be available and it depends on the used technology.

How to Know If Distance Psychotherapy is Best for You?

Distance psychotherapy can be a great choice for those who are living far from the mental health resources. People who have busy schedule or difficulty leaving homes may also benefit from this kind of mental health care. 

There are cases where distance psychotherapy isn’t recommended. For instance, those who have severe emotional or psychological problems might not do well with this kind of treatment. Individuals with severe depression, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts or bipolar can get more from the traditional therapy. People with such issues will need an intensive care.

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