Beekeeper Jacket Cleaning and Caring Tips

Beekeeper Jacket Cleaning and Caring Tips

Whether you like it or not, your beekeeper jacket or suit will get extremely dirty in just a year. What used to be a white and crispy beekeeping suit can turn into a grimy and dirty rug that looks like it swam in the mud. 

But it doesn’t mean you can no longer bring back its earlier glory. Cleaning and caring for your beekeeping jacket is the same as doing regular laundry. The only difference is that there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind. 

Importance of Washing Your Beekeeper Jacket

It’s imperative to take extra care of your bee clothing. It’s not recommended to clean your beekeeper suit only when it has turned dirty. You should wash your jacket yourself and observe periodic cleaning following the indicated washing instructions. 

After some time, bee pheromones and venom will absorb and accumulate in the fabric of your jacket or suit for beekeeping. This makes it even more essential to maintain its cleanliness since it increases the risk of allergic reactions to bees due to prolonged venom exposure. 

Wash your beekeeper jacket in warm water on a gentle cycle
Wash your beekeeper jacket, suit, and gloves in warm water on a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent free from dyes and perfumes, as these could agitate the bees during your next hive inspection.

Just so you know, bee venom remains in the material of the beekeeper jacket after it is stung by a bee. This can then build up, causing an allergic reaction that can get worse once the jacket is exposed again to the venom. 

Another good reason to wash the fabric of your suit is to ensure that you get rid of the sweat, dirt, wax, and propolis that got stuck there. 

When to Wash Your Beekeeping Jacket 

Several factors affect the frequency of washing your beekeeping jacket. These include the frequency that you visit your hives and the environment. It’s common to wash beekeeping suits twice every season or at least once a year for many beekeepers. 

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Here are some basic tips on cleaning a pullover beekeeper jacket

If you move a lot of boxes often, it’s natural for them to rub against your chest and belly, making your beekeeper jacket dirtier and grimier. Some beekeepers also get their jackets dirty and almost brown before realizing it. 

If this is the case, you should wash it through the wash once you’re done with harvesting honey. Just so you know, washing your jacket too often will only wear down its fabric, so a weekly wash is not an option. 

How to Clean Your Beekeeping Suit

If you take proper care of it, there’s no reason not to wash your beekeeper jacket in your laundry machine. It’s just the same with washing your regular laundry. Don’t be wary about using the washer at all. 

It is also perfectly fine to hand wash your suit and not worry a thing about it. However, many machines already have the appropriate settings to make your job much easier and faster. Most expert beekeepers also suggest hand washing the veil instead. 

Cleaning and caring for your beekeeper jacket is easy. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be good to go.

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