The Need for a Country Map During Times of Crisis

The Need for a Country Map During Times of Crisis

With COVID-19 ravaging the world for more than a year now, people are left with no choice but to stay indoors. As a result, most people are just ordering the products they need and having them delivered right on their doorsteps. And with the rise of ecommerce also comes the increased need for a country map or other local maps.

Changes Amidst the Pandemic

It is no longer new to hear about groceries being delivered because many people have already been doing it for years much way before the pandemic outbreak. But, what is new this time is the number of people that is doing it simultaneously, the amount of stuff that needs to be delivered to clinics, care homes, and hospitals, as well as the number of new demographic groups that exploit the power of online shopping. People who normally preferred visiting their local stores, including the elderly, now opt to order essentials and food online. 

Country map
Country map of European, African, … countries

This heightened pressure on ecommerce and logistics agencies across the board only means that big brand names are now hiring more people to meet these unprecedented demands. As streets now looking weirdly empty, more vans have been rolled out for the delivery of supplies and food not only to homes but also medical facilities. 

Most of the problems often faced by delivery drivers such as inability to find available parking spots, unpredictable cyclists, and traffic congestion are eliminated while the rest of the world stays at home.

Instead, there is a whole new set of issues that arise in relation to country map and the ability of getting from one point to another as conveniently and quickly as possible. Dirt tracks and rural areas that are not sufficiently mapped, care homes that were not mapped out in the past, and hospital locations where the map lacks adequate information about details such as car entrances and loading docks are just some of these problems.  

The Need for Quality Maps 

Simply put, a country map that is broken can easily slow down or hamper the deliveries when more and more people are depending on deliveries to function in times of unprecedented crisis. Thankfully, the mapping community has been rallying to correct things and everyone, whether there is quarantine or not, will be able to help.
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Improving a country map includes ensuring that every building and house and every dirt track is properly mapped out. This can include making hospital locations substantially detailed on maps that map out everything from parking zones, to car entrances, and loading docks. It should also include marking out places that used to be neglected.

In these tough times, it is all too easy to feel de-motivated and disempowered. But, if everyone works together, it is very much possible to make a significant impact to all the companies and the people who deliver the essential goods to every home, clinic, hospital, and car homes that are right at the frontlines in this battle against the pandemic. With the help of a quality country map, these deliveries can be made easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

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