The 5 Most Valuable Wristwatches Without Diamonds

The 5 Most Valuable Wristwatches Without Diamonds

Having a wristwatch with unmatched historical or materialistic importance has always been the most popular hobby of modern men. The creative craftsmanship, important historical relevance, latest and most advanced technology, and the diamond or other exorbitant embellishments are few factors to determine the value of any wristwatch. Adding diamonds to a wristwatch is just meant to increase the price, not value. We have chosen a few really valuable wristwatches for you without diamonds.

1. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona -£ 13.5 million

This precious wristwatch was gifted to Paul Newman by his wife, Joanne Woodward in 1968. That special piece was engraved with a message “Derive Carefully”, to show her care and his love for racing. This timepiece was respected and honored as a holy grail for decades among the collectors and fans. The most popular Rolex couldn’t predict its value and it reached brain-shattering £13,500,000 in an auction with a price tag of £1,000,000. This King Cool’s regular watch with its black and cream exotic dial was purchased by an anonymous phone buyer.

2. Patek Philippe 1518 ref. 1518 in steel – £8.9 million

It is the most valuable antique wristwatch. These were only four pieces of Patek Phillip 1518 steel ever manufactured. It was the first-ever watch with a perpetual calendar and chronograph when it was introduced in 1941. It is tremendously complex, preciously rare and historically the most significant wristwatch. It is a world-beater on pretty much every level. It reached £8.9 million at in auction at Phillips in Geneva in 2016, a established a world record for the wristwatches by beating Watch Patek Phillipe 5016, that was sold for £5.9 million just one year back.

3. Louis Moinet Meteoris Collection – £3.5 million

This wristwatch collection is named after the 18th-century-born father of chronograph Louis Monet. This is an astronomical collection of four wristwatches that have precious stones and meteorite pieces integrated into the dials. Each watch of this collection has pieces of unique space rocks. For instance, the “Tourbillon Mars” features a fragment of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite, that is a 180 million-year-old piece of planet Mars that fell to the Earth.

4. Patek Philippe 5004T – £2.98 million

This wristwatch, produced in 2013, is one of a kind piece, that was specially designed for auction. It is the only titanium version, that is discontinued now, from the Patek Philippe 5004 collection. This Swiss watch created a stir in the industry as it adopted a sportier, more colorful look than the other conventional members of the family.

5. Frank Müller Aeternitas Mega 4 – £ 1.8 million

This technically advanced wristwatch is labeled as the “Master of Complication” as it features r6 different Complications, 1,483 individual components, a 1,000-year calendar and a plethora of other eclectic features. This complication would leave you scared a confused. It comes with a guide to its myriad function to give an idea of its engineering feat.


So, you see, things other than diamonds can also add to the value of the wristwatches. This selection can reach up to 100 of such watches which are historically, technically and creatively more important than those having a cluster of diamonds on their dials.

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