Effects of Having Wrong Pupil Distance on Your Glasses

Effects of Having Wrong Pupil Distance on Your Glasses

Have you ever wondered what will happen if your glasses have the wrong pupil distance? Read on below to know how this affects not only your vision but also your health as a whole sooner or later.

What is Pupillary Distance?

Before anything else, first, it is important to know what pupillary distance is and its importance as far as wearing glasses is concerned. 

Your pupils, as what you might already know, are those black circles inside and at the center of your eyes. The pupils regulate your vision, and these can shrink when it is sunny and bright outside to protect your vision. Your pupils can also dilate during nighttime to help you see better.

Measurement of pupil distance
Measurement of pupil distance

Every time you need to get a brand-new pair of eyeglasses, your doctor needs to measure the distance between the centers of your pupils, or what is known as the pupillary distance. There are some instances when this distance may be incorrectly measured, and there are plenty of things that may go wrong once these measures are not right, or even just slightly a bit off. 

What Happens When the Pupil Distance is Wrong?

A lot of things can happen if the measurement of the pupillary distance is wrong. Some say that the very first thing you will feel is that as if you are wearing the wrong glasses as if you are using something that wasn’t really made for you. 

But you might still feel strange if you have a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, and particularly so if this is the first time you will be wearing a pair. Your eyes will require some time to adjust, make it hard to determine if the pupillary distance is really wrong or your eyes aren’t used to the glasses just yet. 

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What the size of your pupils says about you? The pupillary light reflex and how it works.

Take note that it might feel as if something is wrong, and that even after time has passed, you will still have this feeling that something doesn’t sit right whenever you wear your glasses. If you are trying them on for the first time, and it has only been 24 hours since you used a new pair, this kind of feeling is somewhat normal. Thus, it might not be good to think that the pupil distance is the culprit. Allow your eyes to adjust first and observe if you still feel the same way after one to two days. 

Blurred vision is one of the first few signs that the pupillary distance is off. This problem always persists even after wearing your glasses for a long time. You might also experience extreme discomfort and double vision. There are also some instances when you may suffer from frequent headaches as well as nausea or feeling sick all the time. 

Aside from these, your eyes are going to be tired with a feeling of constant pressure in them. Depending on how wrong the pupil distance measurement way, the symptoms may differ, and you might also notice other changes.

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