5 Things That Make Real Estate Croatia In Demand Now More Than Ever

5 Things That Make Real Estate Croatia In Demand Now More Than Ever

It was almost three decades ago when Croatia finally became an independent country. These days, it has become one of the most popular holiday destinations. In fact, the sales of real estate Croatia have also witnessed a significant increase for the past few years. What’s behind this popularity, then?

Here are some of the main reasons why living in Croatia has become more appealing:


While other islands in Greece require you to travel by air for 4 hours and 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach the Canaries if you’re coming from Britain, Croatia’s Pula, Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split are just 2 hours and 30 minutes away or less.

Hot Weather

This is probably the most obvious reason why people are enticed to buy real estate Croatia (https://www.bluehomes.com/Immobilien-Kroatien-kaufen+verkaufen/kat.html). The country is one of the sunniest spots in Europe. During the months of May and June, you can expect 12 hours of sun per day and 13 hours during the months of July and August. Even during the month of October, the weather in Croatia also stays pleasant as Dubrovnik offers 11 hours of warm sunshine with a daily temperature average of 19C.

Good Monetary Value

Croatia has been an EU member since the year 2013 but its currency remained as the kuna. Although the pound has experienced a significant slump against the euro and the dollar, the outlook is not that alarming for the country’s visitors from the UK.

You can also still enjoy good value even in the top tourist destinations. You can also find hotels with good value as well as affordable holiday apartments. Dining and drinking at Croatia are also affordable enough.

The Undeniable Appeal of Game of Thrones

There is no doubt that there is a direct relationship between the growing popularity of Croatia and its starring role in HBO’s popular Game of Thrones series. One of the top attractions featured are Dubrovnik’s city forts and walls that became the King’s Landing, the Fortress of Klis used for Meereen’s exterior shots, the stunning Trsteno Arboretum on the city’s outskirts that became the gardens of the Red Keep, and Trogir’s St. Dominic Monastery that was used as Qarth City.

It is Home to the Most Atmospheric Roman Ruin in the World

Diocletian’s Palace’s remains in Split, also a filming location of Game of Thrones, are now the city’s bustling center. Among the ancient temples, columns, underground cellars, and walls that were once a part of the retirement home of the Roman Emperor, you will find dozens of hidden shops, restaurants, and bars. Apartments Salvezani can be found right in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and there is also Uje, the hip wine bar and restaurant found inside the boundaries of the old palace.

Spectacular Beaches

While you won’t find sand here, Croatia takes pride in its scenic pebbled beaches with crystal clear waters lapping them. The most popular one is Zlatni Rat featured in almost all travel brochures. Some enticing hidden spots can be found on the mainland, like the Nugal found at the southern part of Makarska.

These are some of the enticing reasons why real estate Croatia has become such a popular country in a short span of time.

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