Real Estate Norway

Real Estate Norway

Norway is known as the happiest country in Europe, so why not take a bit out of that happiness by purchasing some real estate. Norway allows foreigners to purchase property without much restriction. That’s just one reason why purchasing property in Norway is a good idea and here are other reasons why.

Immigration in Norway is relatively easy. Norway has a high percentage of English speakers. Learning Norwegian and fitting into society should be quite easy. Norway also has a high employment rate and job availability that’s accessible to foreigners seeking to immigrate. And if immigration is the case, if you have enough funds and confidence, then you should purchase real estate. Norway has plenty of properties available on the market.

Real Estate in Norway ( is relatively affordable. Prices can average up to 2,700 dollars per square meter, enough to invest on a modest home. That amount can go lower the further away from urban areas but could go much higher within cities unless the intention is to purchase a flat or to rent one while awaiting permanent residence status. As mentioned, foreigners are allowed to purchase real estate in Norway as long as they intend to stay, and ensure that they will be self-sufficient as the case is for retirees.

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The quality of living in Norway is high thanks to it being a Petroleum-rich state. In Norway, people are encouraged to save money instead of wallowing in debt. Salary rates, depending on the job, despite the high cost of living in cities are still manageable enough for residents to save. Despite the current global situation, the economic outlook for the country is positive thanks to continued construction projects and employment.

So if you want to move to a happy place, literally, consider investing in real estate Norway. Contact a Norway real-estate expert now.

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