What is Nail Art? Is it for you?

What is Nail Art? Is it for you?

Nail care in modern times

You can simply be yourself or experiment with new looks: all options are available when it comes to nail art. The colors range from matte black to electric yellow to sparkling white to glossy or matte colors: there are hundreds of options. There are also a variety of tools to draw on your nails, such as stencils, stamps, adhesive strips and more. Acrylic nails have also evolved and we now have products for natural nails and products for fake nails, such as gel nails. Nail colors then, have become stronger and longer lasting, allowing you to keep your hands perfect for longer.

The term nail art encompasses everything related to nail decoration, whether this is limited to a single color or full of detailed decorations.

What materials do I need for fashionable nails?

You’ll need several different nail art tools. Let’s go over each item together, briefly, with tips to help you get started!


The first and most important thing you’ll need is nails, of course! You can always use your own or someone else’s. Alternatively, you can also use hands and training nails. These are items that replicate real anatomies and are generally used for training and practice. Although you’ll always have your own nails to practice on, it’s actually very different to do nails for other people if you’ve only trained on yourself!

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Nail polish  

An important part of nail art is choosing nail colors. Regardless of whether you will use one or more colors, you can use different palettes to bring your nails to life. You can buy in PinkPanda cosmetics shop colored nail polishes one by one or you can buy them in sets.  

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