Are you are looking for a lawn care service?

Are you are looking for a lawn care service?

Are you tired of having shabby looking property? Are you ready for your lawn care service or snow removal company to go above and beyond on every level? At Cutting Edge they offer these services as well as more! If you are looking for a lawn care service that not only does weekly lawn mowing, but can also do landscaping installation, tree trimming and removal, leaf clean up/mulching, concrete installation and more then contact them! They offer these services on an individual basis or as part of our full package.

Their snow removal services go beyond the average company. They do not just plow your driveway. Their experienced team of drivers will take the extra time necessary to make sure all of your parking areas are cleared efficiently and fast. Not only that but Cutting Edge Property Maintenance takes pride in treating every customer like they are their first! With this being said look forward to prompt service with a smile!

Are you ready for your lawn care service or snow removal company to go above and beyond on every level?

We know Downriver Property Owners have a wide variety of choices for their lawn care and snow removal services and Property maintenance downriver Michigan. Let them prove to you why they are the best choice! They look forward to meeting you and earning your business!

A landscaping business can be an extremely profitable and rewarding business.  It’s a great way to enjoy botany and the outdoors while making money, plus it doesn’t require much capital when you start out. Over time, your client list will grow as word spreads about your fantastic work and you’ll develop a steady customer base that will keep coming back.

Landscapers usually become experts in their field through experience and by taking classes or learning from mentors. You must know how to use equipment properly and safely; there is no substitute for knowledge when it comes to doing this type of job right! If you’re patient, hard-working and like working outdoors, then read on for some easy tips on how to start a landscaping business.

Know Your Market

There are many factors that will determine the success of your landscaping business. The most important thing is finding out if there’s a market for what you’re offering in your community? If you live near rural areas, your potential customer base might be smaller than an urban area where lots of people have larger properties with more yard maintenance issues.

Another key factor is getting the timing right. For instance, during the summer months, after spring flowers have bloomed and just before those fall leaves start dropping, is not the time to break into this type of business. You need to check local laws as well as zoning requirements related to starting any kind of home based business.

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Request business licenses and permits from your local government office, as well as zoning clearance if necessary. Speak to people at nurseries and home improvement centers about their most requested services. Attend community events such as garage sales or block parties where tons of people will be gathered in one place. You can introduce yourself and your landscaping service without being too pushy. This is also a good time to give out free samples of your work! Hit the pavement and cold call potential customers – show up at their doorstep with a portfolio of pictures of previous projects that you’ve done, offer a free estimate, then leave behind some business cards.

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