Tips to Design T-shirts with Custom Print Like a Pro

Tips to Design T-shirts with Custom Print Like a Pro

Designing T-shirts with custom print is one of the most popular and common outlets for creatives. It doesn’t matter if you are a graphic designer, a typographer, or an illustrator, putting your unique designs on shirts can be fun.

But if you are new to this process, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, you cannot just come up with a design, put it on a shirt, and expect it to work like magic. 

If you are planning to design shirts with custom prints that you can sell online to earn extra money on the side, here are several important tips you need to know and remember to ensure your success. 

Use Humor with Extra Care

Do you want to create humorous designs for your T-shirts? Then, you need to make sure that it wouldn’t come across as just another low-cost and cheap joke shirt. The best and most successful shirts that use humor do it cleverly and subtly, even those designs that are the loudest and most obvious. 

Original ideas for promotional gifts.
Make sure that your design for promotional gifts uses an original idea.

Unfortunately, many humorous shirts tend to grow tired too fast. However, as long as it is done properly using an original idea, you can be sure that your sense of humor will put a smile on people’s faces and turn heads out on the streets. 

Pick the Right Colors

Make sure you also use the T-shirt color more effectively and pick some complementary colors as much as possible. For example, you can turn on Global Colors if you are using Adobe Illustrator.

Turn on Global Colors if you are using Adobe Illustrator for designing T-shirts with custom print.
If you are using Adobe Illustrator, turn on Global Colors which will help you save time when designing T-shirts with custom print.

You will find it an absolute lifesaver that will also help you save a lot of time when designing T-shirts with custom print. Halftones can also come in handy to take advantage of the restricted colors you are permitted to use. 

Consider Your Target Market 

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5 T-shirt Design Tips to go from Beginner to Pro Fast

Now, this next tip is very important. See to it that you think about and consider who your custom print T-shirts are for. Do you want to design for male or female customers? Are the shirts for adults or kids? Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you are designing shirts that you want your target customers to wear.

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