Know about Rubber Car Boot Liner Carpets

Know about Rubber Car Boot Liner Carpets

Your car boot is where you put anything and everything small enough you wish to carry during your trips. Sadly, sooner or later, it can incur damages as the result of fluid spills, excessive weight, and many other factors. To ensure that your car boot will be protected and remain as good as new all the time, it is a must to install high quality rubber car boot liner carpets.

What are Car Boot Liners?

A car boot liner is an accessory installed in the car boot to protect the storage area from spills, mud, and other forms of contamination. The liner can also cushion the paint of your car boot and its original carpet to keep it safe from getting damaged because of hard or sharp objects.

Quality rubber car boot liner carpets
Rubber car boot liner carpet

Installing a boot protector in your car’s interior makes it easier to maintain its cleanliness that can help increase its resale value if you plan to sell it off in the future. But, it is never recommended to grab just any rubber car boot liner experts. You have to choose the best one. 

Features of Quality Car Boot Liners

To give your car boot the highest level of protection it deserves, you have to look for the best car boot liners like rubber car boot liner carpets. 


Some of your options include rubber car boot liner carpets, plastic, fiber, and LDPE or low-density polyethylene boot liners. The most common options are rubber boot protectors. These are flexible and can take on the shape of your car boot with no damages or cracks. Rubber is also water resistant, which means that spills can prevent causing damages on the original carpet of your vehicle. But, take note that rubber boot protectors tend to be quite heavy.

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Meanwhile, LDPE or or low-density polyethylene boot liners are budget-friendly and easy to work with that allows you to transform the liner into any shape to achieve the perfect fit. An LDPE boot liner looks like plastic and is a bit tricky to manipulate due to its poor flexibility. Finally, carpet liners offer softer and thicker cover and more effective protection. In general, the best materials for boot liners are those that are non-absorbent, waterproof, and tough. 

Fit and Size 

There is no such thing as a one size fits all as far as rubber car boot liner carpets are concerned. This means that a custom made liner can perfectly fit your vehicle to achieve a more uniformed fit. But, there are also liners that can fit several vehicle models. You can find universal boot liners that are cheaper than custom-made ones. If a tailor-made boot liner doesn’t suit your budget, you can opt for a universal fit then just trim this to the right fit and size you need.

Functionality and Performance

Good boot liners must be functional. It must prevent slips through features like raised edges. Many anti-slip liners made from rubber have frictional top surface or something similar. Aside from an anti-slip surface, good models also feature anti-slip bottoms for them to stay in place after installation. This is a must-have feature if you are planning to put heavy objects in your boot. 

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