VR46 and Valentino Rossi

VR46 and Valentino Rossi

Sky Racing Team by VR46 is a team owned by none other than Valentino Rossi. Valentino Rossi is a well-known professional motorcycle road racer from Italy who was born on February 16, 1979 and has been a MotoGP World Champion several times. 

Who is Valentino Rossi? 

Rossi is among the most successful motorbike racers the world has ever had. His name is attached to the 9 Grand Prix World Championships. Out of these, 7 were of the premier class. He is also the one and only road racer in the world who has joined more than 400 Grand Prix. Throughout his whole career, Rossi has been riding with the number 46 as well as when he was the title defender. 

Rossi’s Career 

After he graduated in 2000 to the premier class, Rossi bagged the 500cc World Championship and in 2001, the 8 Hours of Suzuki with Honda. In 2002, he won the MotoGP World Championships with Honda. In 2003, his winning streak continued with the back to back championships as he won the titles for 2004 and 2005 after he left Honda and joined Yamaha. 

He won all of these titles dominantly as these were decided on all occasions prior to the final round. In 2006, he lost the title because of the crash that took place during the final round at Valencia, with the title getting bagged by Nicky Hayden, his former teammate at Honda. In 2007, Yamaha and Rossi failed to win the match with Casey Stoner on his Ducati. Rossi then finished in third place, the all-time low in his career back then. 

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It was in 2008 when Rossi was able to regain his title after some tight duels with Stoner, the title defendant. He was able to retain it until 2009. The lack of title change and a broken leg marred Rossi’s career in 2010 and for the 2011 season, he decided to leave Yamaha and join Ducati instead. 

Rossi became Stoner’s replacement at Ducati. Stoner ended up winning the title for 2011 with Honda while Rossi, on the other hand, faced the thorny spell with his marque of the same nationality. It was in 2012 when it comes confirmed that Rossi will return to Yamaha for the seasons of 2013 and 2014 after the two seasons without any wins during his stay at Ducati. 

After he returned to Yamaha, he landed on second overall during 2014 through 2016 seasons. Rossi spearheaded the championship for most parts of the season in 2015 before Jorge Lorenzo, a team colleague, surpassed him during the last round at Valencia. Rossi lost because of the grid penalty resulting from the controversial clash in the earlier Malaysian record with Marc Marquez, a Honda rider. 

Sky Racing Team by VR46

At the moment, Rossi is contracted to race until the 2020 season ends and by then, he will already be 41years of age. He is also the team owner of Sky Racing Team by VR46’s junior class team that competes in Moto3 and Moto2. 

Luca Marini is the maternal half brother of Rossi and he currently races for Sky Racing Team by VR46 in the 2019 Moto2 season.

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