The Risks of a Fuel Pump Going Out

The Risks of a Fuel Pump Going Out

All parts of a vehicle have a specific role and job to play. Every single part works together for your car to move backward and forward in a safe way. These parts also depend on each other to do the job. The fuel pump is definitely not an exception to this. If it doesn’t work properly, this can lead to significant problems from rear to front bumper. 

The fuel feed pump in your car does exactly what the name suggests. This is responsible for pumping fuel to the engine from the gas tank. Due to the critical role that the fuel supply pump plays for your car to move forward, this is one part of your car that you should be familiar.

What Will Happen If the Fuel Supply Pump Has Gone Out?

Faulty fuel feed pumps can cause major drivability and performance problems with your car. If the ratio between air and fuel is off, with the fuel not getting to the cylinders, the pistons won’t fire and the engine will have a hard time moving the car forward. This is not just about inefficiencies or lower gas mileage. If you have a faulty fuel pump, your vehicle will never start in the first place. 

Car fuel pump
Fuel pump for Mercedes-Benz

Due to their critical role, fuel pumps must be tough and can endure throughout your car’s lifespan. It is said that fuel pumps can last over 200,000 miles. According to experts, after 100,000 miles, fuel pumps will likely fail if you replace a nearby part playing a big role in the car’s engine. 

Follow several maintenance tips for you to increase the pump’s longevity

  1. Fill up at least one quarter of your gas tank all the time. If you constantly run close to empty, it can cause overheating in your gas tank that can minimize the life of your car’s fuel supply pump
  2. Always perform regular maintenance of your fuel system. See to it that your fuel filters and system are regular replaced and inspected as needed. You will be able to prevent potential problems if you schedule regular maintenance. 

Warning Signs of Defective Fuel Pumps

A faulty fuel pump gives off pretty blunt warning signs compared to other car parts that often leave you guessing. There might be an issue with your Silux fuel pump if your vehicle experiences the following symptoms:

How is the muscle power?

A damage fuel supply pump will make you notice a reduced power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency in your car. The low pressure brought about by a defective pump indicates that your engine doesn’t get the air and fuel mixture it needs to provide the regular power that your car needs. 

How does your vehicle start?

If your car struggles to start or it doesn’t start at all, it might mean that you have a damaged fuel pump. If your vehicle requires more than the average count of cranks for turning over, you might have a faulty fuel feed pump. 

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