Everything you need to know about car boot liners

Everything you need to know about car boot liners

Car mats are differentiated based on three main factors; they include the material used, the type of the mat and whether it covers the whole boot area or not. People will demand car boot liners in different forms. The convenience of the mats and the price wields a majority of swaying power when it comes to actual purchasing. Below are the three main categories of car mats in the market.

Car boot liners types

Custom-made car boot mats are designed specifically for a certain vehicle. The objective is to make something that is in line with the specifications of the client. Such mats are a perfect fit. 

The advantage of choosing a custom made mat over the rest is that it is of high quality, it fits perfectly hence minimizing the chances of sliding and skidding. These mats are also very durable; however, they come at a high cost for the client. 

Universal boot liners are made using readily available materials such as cheap rubber. The resulting mats will then lack the quality, durability, and flexibility compared to the custom made products. Universal car boot liners are produced in large, medium and small sizes to fit in a wide range of vehicles. You can purchase a mat which does not fit your boot space, the obvious option remaining is to cut the liner into the size you prefer. 

The main advantage is that they are cheap, however, it does not cover to the sides of the boot, and the quality is highly compromised. 

Manufacturer-made boot mats are made by the parent company that manufactures the car. Usually, they retail these products as extras. These mats are made as perfect fits for your vehicle. Also, this mat type is made from a high-quality material and may come branded with the company logo. You should note that this product is costly; however, one can get it at a discount or free when purchasing a new car from the manufacturer.  

Material for boot liners

Commonly, plastics, rubber, and fabric are used in the manufacture of car boot mats. The purpose of the mat defines the material that shall be used. For instance, the fabric is mostly used to produce boot mats that can be used by pets including dogs. The ease4 of cleaning and the consumer specifications are the other factors that influence the material to be used. 

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Rubber is mostly used because it is waterproof, durable, easily available and cheap. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

High-sided boot mats

These boot liners are made to fit the whole inside of a boot. It protects the sides as well as it protects the floor. Since they don’t come customized for your ride, they tend not to fit.

Why do you need car boot mats at all?

Boot mats are supposed to be anti-slip, waterproof, easy to clean, heavy-duty, pet-friendly, and easy to fit. With prices, you have the liberty to spend on any type of a car boot liner you so wish. Government regulations about the smell or odor of the mats should be strongly adhered to.

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