Types of Web Hosting Plans You Should Know

Types of Web Hosting Plans You Should Know

A web host offers the server infrastructure and technology that your website and all its data and files would reside on. You will have full control over the website’s content. However, the servers where it sits may affect the performance of your website. 

This is the reason why you should know that only with particular kinds of web hosting you’ll have the ability to control your settings or server configuration. You must also take note that there are different types of web hosting plans and not all are suited for your needs.

Shared Web Hosting

It is perfect for low-traffic blogs and starter business websites. Each website that exists requires residing on any server, regardless if it is your own or owned by a certain website hosting company. This is given. However, what isn’t give is what else are on that server with your own website. Shared web hosting is popular and inexpensive. As the business scales, you would want to consider a robust hosting solution.

Cloud Web Hosting

It is a bit similar to shared web hosting wherein multiple domains can share the space on same servers with some websites. With that said, cloud web hosting handles this kind of shared environment effectively compared to shared web hosting. But, it comes with a high price tag to accommodate for it, yet that is to be expected.

VPS Web Hosting

It is ideal for e-commerce websites and large businesses. VPS or virtual private servers are the next step up when it comes to website hosting. For the customers concerned with performance, security, and their configuration of server, VPS hosting is a great choice as it provides you greater access as well as control for each. Since you are getting a private piece and dedicated server, it means that you should have a particular degree of technical aptitude to handle the management of private server space your website host has allotted to you. 

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All in all, VPS web hosting provides you more control and unique IP address. You will also get a bigger portion of the server resources. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

For people who do not like any website residing on same server as your website or if you need the complete power of the whole server to fuel your site, the best option is dedicated server hosting. When compared to VPS hosting that carves out dedicated chunks of server for your website, you will get the entire thing with dedicated server hosting. 

Dedicated server hosting is perfect for enterprise websites that are concerned with security and privacy. It is also ideal for ecommerce websites with big inventory and for those that like the ability to keep the whole website’s backend and settings and configuration of its server.

Managed Web Hosting

More often than not, managed web hosting services are associated with dedicated server hosting. Not all developers, enterprises or agencies that require dedicated servers for their websites would want that hassle to manage the backend technology. Managed web hosting basically places the onus of backend management on experts rather than the website owner or developer. If you like a robust web hosting plan, yet you are not capable or you don’t like the responsibility of managing the backend, managed web hosting service is a good choice.

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