Cloud Hosting and Its Amazing Benefits

Cloud Hosting and Its Amazing Benefits

Cloud hosting is very popular these days and that is for some good reasons. Considering its recent rise, you might have some questions. It is a high performing, scalable, and flexible hosting solution, which offers your business unique sets of features.

If you are wondering whether cloud hosting is right or not for your website, here are some of the perks of this kind of hosting solution:

Scaling Server Resources are Much Easier

When it comes to cloud hosting, scaling server resources is easier. For majority of cloud servers, you will have an access to the intuitive website management dashboard that allows you to view the performance of your website in real time. You may scale the server resources down or up on the spot without the need to wait for approval from the hosting provider.

Flexible Pricing Structure

With cloud hosting, you’ll only pay for what you are using. Therefore, if you are expecting posts to go viral or your website is getting a huge amount of traffic, you do not need to upgrade your package completely. The only thing you should do is scaling your resources up during traffic surge and down if the levels of traffic return to normal. Rather than paying for the high web hosting fees across the board, your pricing will match the total server resources you are using.

Availability and High Uptime

If you are using any type of traditional hosting, the uptime of your website depends on the physical server environment. Once it goes offline, so does your website unless you are using CDN that can help reduce the overall downtime of your website. Cloud hosting basically has built-in high uptime. Since your website is using resources of different servers, you may be transferred to another server once it goes offline or experiencing some technical problems. Moreover, with your abilities to scale the server resources on demand, your website will not go offline from any unexpected traffic surge.

Redundant Server Environment

With many kinds of hosting, your website lives on a single server. If there’s something that happens to the server, your website will go offline and you would not be able to get back online until server is repaired. If your hosting is redundant, a website backup would take over your existing website in a few seconds. But, not every redundancy is made equal. Through cloud hosting, you will have your website’s concurrent live version that your host may load immediately.

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Faster Website Performance and Speed

Many cloud servers may offer you faster speeds. Aside from being able to increase the capacity of your website, cloud hosting also enables easier load balancing between different server environments that may help put less strain on the resources of a single server.

Safety from Different Server Hardware Problems

Through cloud hosting, your website is isolated from any particular physical server problems including system overload, hardware failure, and hacking. If physical servers are compromised or experiencing problems, you may use another server’s physical resources without having downtime.

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