DeWalt chainsaw has brushless electric motor

DeWalt chainsaw has brushless electric motor


The brushless motor of this chainsaw is efficient and has a long lasting life. The saw also comes with a 5AH 20 V battery that can last for the small jobs it was designed to take up. If there’s a job that requires longer usage, you should buy a second battery. The efficient, electronically controlled brushless motor also makes this saw quieter than saw with brushed motors and gas-powered saws, and it cools easily after use, and emits no fumes and has no carburetor issues nor cold starts of a gas-powered saw.

Auto Oiling System

The Dewalt 20V Cordless Chainsaw has a system to lubricate te chain constantly, and the guide bar allows you to monitor oil levels that are set to last for the duration of the battery, since this is an electric model. You should use vegetable-based bar and chain oil to get the best of this saw.

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As you have seen in this other DeWalt dccs620 p1 review, there’s a problem with the oil filler cap since it’s flimsy and takes time to loosen and it’s hard to remove. Moreover, this saw has oil leaks so we recommend you to drain the remaining oil after each use. If you need to do this you should check the instructions of the saw.

Another minor issue with this saw is that chain oil runs out quickly and normally needs a refill on oil when the battery is set to be fully recharged.

As we mentioned earlier,this saw is best suited for smaller task in the yard because of its size, and you shouldn’t use a chain larger than 14” since it won’t have optimum performance. However, this chainsaw can work well with the right maintenance. You shouldn’t use mineral oil or any thick heavy oil and remember to drain the oil after use and remove the battery when oil levels are lower than a quarter. You must note that this isn’t a saw meant for professiona loggers or clearing timber. If you need a more compact and smaller chainsaw, the Dewalt 20V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Chainsaw is the right choice.

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