Beehive Scale

Beehive Scale

A beekeeper is connected to his beehives every moment. It is unavoidable for him to keep an eye on his bees. He should always be aware of the number of bees and the quantity of honey production stored in the hives. It is not recommended to open the hives and bring out combs frequently to check the production. An alternative to checking every frame is to weigh the beehives.

Traditionally multiple techniques were used to weigh them such as tilting and lifting etc. such techniques are useful but are extremely tiring in addition to being less accurate. Modern technology has come up with a solution. Beehive scales are developed to weigh beehives accurately. Among all the scales available in the market, there is one that is outweighing every other in terms of accuracy, functioning and connectivity. Let’s delve into the details of this Scale. beehive scale for 2 beehives by Honigschleudern

This beehive scale is designed on the latest technology parameters with all up to date features. The scale weighs beehives hourly and the readings are always available. Honigschleudern has also developed a web portal and mobile app to keep you connected to your bees from wherever you are.

Beehive Scale mobile app
Beehive Scale mobile app

It is connected to a solar cell to assure un-disturbed functioning. The central unit of the device has a built-in SIM card that can be replaced with your own SIM card. Let’s see all its features in detail.

Easy Functioning 

The whole system has two weight sensors attached to a central unit that is powered by the solar cell. The weight sensors are placed under the beehives. These sensors can be switched on or off with a single switch.

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They weigh beehives and send data to the central unit after every hour. This central unit contains a SIM card that transmits data to the mobile application and web portal from where you can monitor it. 

Central Unit

This is the core of the system which receives data from the weight sensors and transmits it to the user via the mobile network. The central unit is completely waterproof. For data transmission, it has a SIM which is completely handled by Honigschleudern to avoid any maintenance hectic for the user. This SIM card works throughout Europe and can be replaced by your own SIM. Central Unit is powered by the Solar cell that has an unlimited lifetime. 

Weight Sensors

Other important components of the system are weight sensors. They are universal weight sensors that can fit under any system. They are made from high-quality aluminum to avoid oxidation. They can weigh up to 100kg with an accuracy of 20g. They are connected to the central unit through a 3-meter cable. 

Mobile Application and Web Portal

The updated data transmitted from the central unit is received in the mobile app as well as a Web portal. The mobile application is helpful to monitor the progress. And if you want to manage settings of the system, a web portal has all the features to modify the settings, such as the weight duration adjustment, etc. 

This scale is the most efficient weighing device for the beehives available in the market. It has maximum accuracy and it is more convenient to use this device as compared to all traditional scaling techniques.

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