Holidays made of Relax, Wellness, and Nature

Holidays made of Relax, Wellness, and Nature

As we all know, the main purpose of a holiday is to let us switch off. We are more and more overwhelmed by our everyday life. It is full of frenetic rhythms, stress, and problems and, as much as we regret to admit it, we are also coming out of two very long years of the pandemic. We are therefore full of tension, a bit bruised, with little trust in the world. At the same time, however, we can’t wait to go out, relax, and reconnect with nature and with ourselves. And what is the best way to do it if not carve out a few days of cool down immersed in nature? In our opinion, Slovenian spas are the perfect destination to recharge and we are here to explain why.

countless beneficial properties of thermal water
Enjoy the countless beneficial properties of thermal water to regenerate your body and spirit.

Slovenian Spas and Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia is a “personal” destination, a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and yourself. Being one of the greenest countries in the world, with over 50% of the protected territory, Slovenia is also extremely careful in using its natural beauty to its advantage.

YouTube video
Video tour through the Thermal Center Thermana Park Laško – Terme Laško, one of the best slovenian spas.

The thermal and mineral springs shape many of the thermal offerings, as well as the local natural healing ingredients: honey, salt, herbs, flora, fauna, mud, or peat. It is an area rich in biodiversity, breathtaking landscapes, and unspoiled nature, one step away from cities full of beauty and complete with every service. A paradise for recharging your batteries and being close to everything and away from everyone.

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