Pros and Cons of Laser Printer

Pros and Cons of Laser Printer

Organizations and businesses from all over the world favor the laser printer because of their excellent all-round performance. It was only recently that these printers entered maturity as these have been released and developed much later compared to other types of printers such as inkjet. 

Today, you will discover the benefits and drawbacks of laser printers to help you decide whether you should go for this type of printer or something else. 

Pros of Laser Printers 

The following are the top benefits of using a laser type printer. 

  • They are crystal sharp.

Considering the technology they use during the process of printing, laser printers are renowned for their clarity and accuracy, especially during text document production. Though traditional not popular for production of full color images, the modern laser printer is getting better in printing color graphics and photographs. 

  • They are extremely fast. 

Whether you opt for high end or cheap laser printers, you will be surprised at how speedy this thing can be. On average, these printers can toss out about 30 to 40 sheets per minute, fast enough for handling the demands of busy workplaces. 

  • They are cost-effective. 

Although replacement toner cartridges are pricier to purchase compared to inkjet cartridges, they offer better page yield and average toner cartridge can deliver more than 1,000 sheets in certain instances. It makes them very cost-effective, especially for people who print a lot and often. 

  • They are incredibly hardwearing. 

While other types of printers may tire and suffer from faults in time due to heavy use, a laser printer has been built to last, not to mention that it is very rare for them to break down. You might indeed need to pay more for this technology but you will enjoy years of service without any hassle. 

Cons of Laser Printers

Just like all printer types, laser machines also have their downsides that you should know before you buy one. 

  • They are expensive. 

Laser machines are costlier compared to inkjets. Even though it is possible to purchase a decent laser printer for a few hundred dollars, they are not as affordable as some inkjet printers, making them not suitable for the budget of most consumers. 

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  • They don’t provide good paper variety. 

Not like inkjet printers that seemingly have the capacity to print on everything, laser printers are only limited to a few paper options, primarily only standard copier and printer style papers. If you wish to print on glassy or thick card photo paper, it will not be recommended because of the pressure and heat involved in the process of laser printing.  

  • They are not recommended for photos. 

Even though the laser machines have come a long way from the first time they were introduced in the market and have remarkably improved when it comes to full color production, it still falls short of inkjets during printing of photos. While an inkjet can blend and layer color with liquid ink dots, a laser printer is limited to one colored toner layer that diminishes the tone and depth of the final result. 

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