A detailed overview of the Digital Projector

A digital projector, also called a digital projection display system, is a specialized computer display that projects an enlarged image on a movie screen. Such devices are commonly used in presentations.
There are two main types of digital projection display systems. One for each of the primary colors (red, green, and blue), the older, less expensive type employs three transparent liquid-crystal-display ( LCD ) panels. Depending on the image data received from the computer, the light transitivity of each pixel varies. The light from a lamp is directed through the LCD panels, collimated using a lens, and projected onto a …

Different kinds of Plotter

A plotter is computer printing device to print vector graphics. Earlier plotters were used in CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications like construction maps or engineering drawing where precision is required. Nowadays old type plotters are being replaced with wide format printers.
Plotters draw images by moving a pen or similar type of instruments across the surface of a paper. This feature restricts plotters to line art. Pen plotters can draw continuous line while printers can simulate lines printing closely placed series of dots. But pen plotters are slower than printers because of the mechanical movements of the pen. Plotters could …

A guide to Printer maintenance

Cleanse the printer head at regular intervals
It is imperative to keep the print heads clean. Due to cleaning the nozzles of the printer do not get blocked. Regular cleaning reduces ink blotch on the paper. This is essential for those printers which do not cleanse the printer head automatically.
For cleaning the printer head, take out the cartridge and gently rub the printer head with a soft cotton clothe rinsed with clean water.
Dry up the printer head and replace the cartridge.
Use the printer regularly to ensure that ink does not get dried up
The frequent use of …

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