Apps to Use at Your Wedding

Apps to Use at Your Wedding

Whether you’re looking to make your wedding reception better or you’re looking to save a little money, apps can play a very large role in the modern wedding. Not only can you do more with your phone or tablets than ever before, people are starting to expect a lot more in terms of how technology is used in day to day life. This definitely doesn’t exclude your wedding, so you are better off embracing these expectations rather than ignoring them. Not only will your guests be happy that you’ve included apps in your wedding celebration but the event itself will be much better as well.

Almost every day there is a new plethora of apps hitting the market that are stealing attention away from the ones that work the best. Fortunately, through a lot of trial and error, we have come up with a list of apps to use at your wedding that will be helpful and make the day more memorable so you don’t have to do the research yourself.

Champagne App

One of the best apps you will ever find for your wedding will be the champagne app. This app is a digital representation of a bottle of champagne, and with the drag of a finger you can “pop” the cork and delicious champagne will bubble out from the top on your phone screen. Popping the top on a real bottle of champagne every time you want to make a toast at your wedding can get quite expensive, so this alternative will help you celebrate while saving a little bit of money.

Explosion of emotions
Fatansy explosion of emotions

Photo Booth

This app comes preinstalled on the most popular brand of phones and tablets (we won’t name names, but it’s a doctor’s favorite fruit), but there are also plenty of free versions available no matter which operating system your device happens to use. Essentially, your guests will take turns having their photos taken as if they were sitting in an old time photo booth. They can even take pictures while using their wedding sparklers if they’d like because the lenses on phone and tablet cameras are high enough quality these days to gather the light properly. At the end of the wedding, the bride and groom can enjoy a moment flipping through the different photos and guests can instantly share them on their favorite social media platforms. Whether you are planning to have 50 guests or 500, the Photo Booth app is sure to be one of the most used apps at your wedding.


Though there isn’t one definitive app to handle this job, you shouldn’t have any problem finding an app to do the job. Many devices come preloaded with some sort of music player, and that should do the job nicely if you’re in a pinch. Some of the other apps out there will allow you to lock people out of the rest of the device and limit their usage to the jukebox only, but this often isn’t necessary. The main goal is to be able to easily play great music, and most music apps can handle that job beautifully.

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