EdgeStar is ideal for small spaces

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For standard ½ and ¼ kegs, the best kegerator to keep them safe and cold is the KC2000. It’s tough and roomy, and has a convenient height. It’s strong, movable, and has a drip tray retain spills and avoids disasters.

Our number one kegerator is the EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Twin-Tap Kegerator, which of able or dispensing fresh beer without any issue. It’s suitable for either home or commercial brew, and it’s made with a durable stainless-steel cylinder that will last for a long period of time.

This kegerator has some options for the CO2 tank mounting in the inside and the outside. When you really need to keep the beer ice cold, this is a great option. Capable of holding a full-size common keg (half Sankey barrel) thanks to its important volume.


  • Drip tray
  • Adjustable temp
  • Tough autonomous design
  • Keeps most kegs safe and cold
  • Warranty on parts and technical support.

Includes elegant black tap grips that makes it easy to use. With a 115 V/60 Hz system, it can even contain two sixth kegs. It comes with a simple gauge controller and incorporates a reversible door. Having a thermostat makes it even more dependable like seen in this EdgeStar KC2000TWIN Full-Size Twin-Tap Kegerator Review.

Has a draft column with a dual faucet. This device reaches a temperature of low 30s to mid40s. It comes with a CO2 tank to mount at the outside, and it only demands 105 W or 1,5 A of energy. It’s 48,5” tall and has roller wheels for an easier portability.

The air and beer lines are NSF approved, which means security for the user and requires few maintenance. With two chrome-plated brass faucets, this unit is very easy to use. It has a draft column and a protective chrome rail for security at home or at business. It also has a metal disk to protect your floor.

It can even hold a Slim-Pony keg or a Pony keg, and the dual drip tray prevents foam from staining your floor. For more specifications, this kegerator is for autonomous use only. It fits even some Cornelius craft brew kegs.

This model can keep your beer flowing, which makes it awesome for starter users. It comes with a CO2 tank for a better cooling. This machine is covered by a 90-days labor warranty and a 1-year parts warranty.